Everybody loves Bear.

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Is not birth, beauty, good shape, discourse, manhood, learning, gentleness, virtue, youth, liberality, and such like, the spice and salt that season a man?
— The one line from Shakespeare that Hannibal is most likely to quote. Ironically. With a smirk. (via saucefactory)

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Nathan Fillion’s panel Q&A at Phoenix Comic Con | June 7, 2014 (x)

Q: If Firefly had gone on longer, what is something you would’ve hoped to have gotten to do with either just Mal or the story in general?

And they’re all beagles, right?

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  • Me: If I ever get published, I'm going to write fanfiction for my own books
  • Me: And then reviewers will be like, "Omg that's totally out of canon."
  • Me: And I'll be like, "Bitch, I am the canon."

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MCU Civil War Script




Senator: Superheroes have to register their secret identities!
Natasha: There’s six of us. Rogers has a Smithsonian exhibit on him, Stark won’t stop telling the world he’s Iron Man, and for the rest of us, I dumped all of SHIELD’s files on the internet.
Senator: Oh. Right.

Natasha: Oh…and Thor is Thor.  That’s his real name.  Even if it wasn’t, he might have diplomatic immunity to the Registration Act since his “secret identity” is the crown prince of an alien civilization.

Senator: I get it, I get it.


(Enter the Senator’s office)
Senator: Well, that was a disaster.
Voice: You think?
Senator: Who is th- Nick Fury?
Nick Fury: I’m here to talk to you about the “Stop Wasting Everyone’s Fucking Time” Initiative.

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so yesterday i got home from my best friend’s birthday party and thirty seconds later my sister comes into my room and asks me if i can keep a secret and i said it depends and she pulled a fucking cat out from behind her back and i was like “i think we can keep this between us”


his name is peanut and hes this country’s most precious secret 

well now 171 people know about this you had one job

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Day Dress


North America

This day outfit, from the late bustle era, was worn by Kate Morris Cone, a student in the first graduating class of Smith College in 1879. The fawn wool bodice is cut in a “tailor-made” style, tightly fitted with an obvious CF button closure, long cuffed sleeves and an elaborate tail, all to suggest a man’s tail coat. These details are in contrast with the lace trim at the collar and cuffs, the three large purple bows on the wool swags and the three rows of narrow box pleats all around the skirt hem. The foundation skirt is made in a watered silk taffeta. It would be worn over a separate cage bustle. This combination of different colors and fabrics is popular at this time. (X)

Smith College Historic Costume Collection

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Am I the good slayer now?

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has anyone posted this yet because this is pure gold

Thank you, Matilda.



has anyone posted this yet because this is pure gold

Thank you, Matilda.

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